Complete List of 10 Neosurf Lottery Sites 2024

Online lottery players seeking an e-wallet alternative can use Neosurf. The payment method first emerged in France in 2004. But it's now available in more than 40 countries from Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Africa, and the UK. Neosurf makes life easier for lotto players, especially those who don't like using bank transfers and credit card payments.

All they have to do is purchase Neocash vouchers from authorized suppliers and use them at a lottery site online. These are prepaid vouchers customarily used for online shopping and gambling purposes. Over 350,000 users have adopted Neosurf as a favorite payment method.

Complete List of 10 Neosurf Lottery Sites 2024
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Neosurf Deposit at Lotteries

With more than 20,000 online merchants accepting Neosurf, it is no surprise lotto fans have chosen it as one of the best deposit methods. Unlike bank transfers, Neosurf payments are instantaneous, so users can start playing their best lotto games immediately.

Once a player identifies a Neosurf online lottery site, they will find the deposit method listed among the available banking options in the Payments/Cashier section.

One of the biggest questions that lotto players ask is how to deposit funds and withdraw winnings from a lottery website with Neosurf. Details on how to get started are explained below.

How to Make a Deposit with Neosurf

First, the customer must have a Neosurf account and purchase prepaid credit from a relevant outlet. Besides prepaid vouchers, users can open a MyNeosurf online account or apply for a NeoCash MasterCard and ensure they have sufficient funds. These accounts can also be funded and used to play online lottery.

Opening a Neosurf account at requires a full name, email address, date of birth, and password. A bank account is not necessary hence a Neosurf customer doesn't need a direct link to their bank.

A Neocash voucher is like paper money, so the buyer must take good care of it because it is irreplaceable. It contains the PIN code required at the lottery site when making a deposit. As a good rule of thumb, it is advisable to save the voucher's PIN code by taking a photo. The online wallet helps customers view their balances and track their spending.

Depositing Funds with Neosurf at an Online Lottery Site

Whether a lottery player uses a NeoCash MasterCard or Neocash voucher, they will not pay an extra dime for depositing unless it involves a currency conversion fee. The following steps are necessary:

a) Open a lottery account with a reputable site and log in
b) Access the site's cashier and look for Neosurf among the many payment methods
c) After clicking on Neosurf, a new pop-up window should appear
d) On the new window, enter the 10-digit PIN from the prepaid voucher or Neosurf card details
e) Specify the deposit amount
f) Follow the screen prompts and confirm the payment

The transfer is instant, and because Neosurf is mobile-friendly, lotto players can complete the above process when playing lotto games on their mobile gadgets from any location. Those who prefer the prepaid Neocash vouchers should choose card values matching the desired deposit amount. They come in denominations ranging from 10, 15, 20, 30, and 50, all the way to 100 USD/EUR.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Neosurf

As of yet, no operator has issued lottery payouts with Neosurf. However, the official website of the payment provider has a short video showing the possibility of processing both deposits and withdrawals. The NeoCash MasterCard works like any other credit card and can be refilled with money.

This is possible with traditional payment methods like direct bank transfers. If only lottery sites could treat it like other MasterCards, then players can request lottery payouts to their NeoCash MasterCard. MyNeosurf is simply a mobile app that is only useful for purchasing prepaid cards. It records the history of transactions but cannot be used as a standalone withdrawal method at a lottery site.

On the other hand, it is virtually impossible to withdraw lottery winnings with the Neocash voucher because it is usually a one-time prepaid card. This is the biggest drawback of prepaid vouchers, as they expire as soon as the PIN codes have been used. But Neosurf lotto fans will find better alternatives for cashing out, such as:

1. Credit Cards

Neosurf lottery sites provide credit cards as alternative withdrawal options. Typical examples are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro. Credit card payouts provide top security because they are backed by the security standards of major financial regulators. But choosing a reputable lottery site is crucial because online gambling might expose credit card information. A licensed site has strict privacy rules; hence, they maintain the players' financial data confidentiality.

2. Interac

Lotto players from Canada don't need to worry because most sites with Neosurf also facilitate Interact lottery payouts. Interac works like an online bank. It is safe and quick.

3. E-Wallets

E-wallet transfers are instant. They are some of the most widely used withdrawal options on Neosurf lottery websites. PayPal is more popular than Neteller and Skrill, but they all provide the much-needed security when playing online lotto games. Most electronic wallets require users to link to cards or bank accounts. They guarantee low-risk financial fraud because they operate on a separate gateway rather than the bank interface.

4. Direct Wire

Lottery enthusiasts who are not afraid to show their hobbies can opt for direct wire transfers when cashing out lottery prizes. However, this method can be slow, mainly when the player is based in a different country than the lottery provider. It can take 3-7 working days to receive a payment.

Safety and Security at Neosurf

Customers can feel secure knowing that Neosurf protects their financial and personal data. Because it has no direct connection to a bank account, a Neocash voucher card is an ideal option for making anonymous lottery deposits. A bank account is not mandatory when opening an account, so players have nothing to worry about exposing their bank credentials.

Each time someone makes a credit card deposit on a lotto site, they must supply their personal data and card number. Crooks who like invading gambling platforms can steal such information. Many gamblers have lost money and hardly realize it until they check their credit statement. Financial losses can amount to thousands of dollars depending on the credit card limit, leading to a debt cycle.

Neosurf users are in luck because their banking credentials remain private. The sensitive data is not stored on the voucher, so the customer is always protected from identity theft. Even in a worst-case scenario where a Neochash voucher card is stolen, the owner will only lose the prepaid credit, which expires after use.

Customer Support Options at Neosurf

Customers can face issues using Neosurf cards, which is where customer support comes in handy. Sometimes, their cards fail to work, or payment takes longer than usual to show up after depositing funds into a lottery account.

Also, a customer and a merchant dispute may arise, and the user is forced to contact Neosurf. No matter the reason, it is good to know what communication channel is available at Neosurf. The customer care department ensures that customers are taken care of via:

  • Live chat
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 33 899 03 03 03
  • Online contact form
  • FAQ page

Because Neosurf is global, customers can use their preferred language when speaking to customer support agents via the phone. The live chat is located in the lower right corner of their web pages. It is a convenient messaging system where users input their names, email addresses, and questions and wait for responses. They can also upload files to explain their concerns further.

Customers should use the online contact form when they have specific questions that are not covered on the FAQ page. After filling in the email address, phone number, and query, Neosurf agents will respond within 24 hours.

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