Complete List of 10 Entropay Lottery Sites 2024

Many lottery fans have taken their hobbies online. A vast number of players buy lotto tickets online with e-wallets and credit cards because these are the most widely available options. However, transacting with an online lottery site for the first time may seem risky. Often, a lotto player wishes to play anonymously without leaving behind any audit trail that may identify them as gamblers.

Visa virtual cards such as EntroPay can prove helpful in these situations. The absence of physical cards separates virtual Visa cards from regular ones; their functionality is identical. Gamblers can conveniently top up their EntroPay card with prepaid credit and use it for the online lottery to avoid the risk of exposing financial information.

Complete List of 10 Entropay Lottery Sites 2024
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How to Make a Deposit With EntroPay at Online Lotteries

EntroPay entered the financial market in 2003 and quickly became popular, especially in European countries. The UK-based parent company- Ixaris Systems- is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA. As a result, EntroPay cards are bound by strict rules and regulations.

EntroPay has been adopted by more than 500 gambling sites, including lottery websites. It is one of the best payment methods with minimal fraud risk and greater credit control on a virtual card. It allows lottery fans to be responsible and safer online.

Anyone who wants to utilize EntroPay at a lottery site online must have an account with EntroPay. They may load the virtual card using a bank transfer, debit, or credit card. This card is not directly tied to a bank account.

A crucial feature of EntroPay is that users can set up multiple virtual cards for diverse purposes and in different currencies, i.e., the Serling Pound, Euro, and the US Dollar. They may delete existing cards from their account or add new ones at any time.

One can top up their EntroPay card with any value from £10 to £1,000 per transaction. Each month, the company gives users a maximum top-up balance of £10,000. Because EntroPay is a prepaid card, it doesn't accrue interest or annual fees. The spending limit depends on the amount available as prepaid credit.

How to Play Online Lottery With EntroPay

To play online lotto, one needs to open an account with a suitable site that is licensed and reputable. Then, the process starts with depositing money to the said online lottery site. Players do this on mobile and desktop. Here is how it goes.

  1. Log in to a lottery site online
  2. Head over to the payments page and click on the deposit methods
  3. Choose EntroPay as the preferred method
  4. Provide the virtual card number, its CSC code, and expiration details
  5. Specify the deposit amount
  6. Check if the above information is correct and submit
  7. The money will reflect on the lottery site immediately

A lotto player can use a different EntroPay virtual card every time they make a deposit. All transactions will show on the main account- not in real-time. It is essential to check the deposit limit of the lottery provider before initiating the above steps. There is no transaction cost for depositing at a lotto website. But charges up to 4.95% and 3.95% apply when loading an EntroPay card from credit/debit cards and bank accounts, respectively.

How to Make a Withdrawal With EntroPay

Players can withdraw winnings with EntroPay if they have funded their lottery account within the last six months with the same method. The withdrawal process may not be as straightforward as the depositing with EntroPay. It may be hectic the first time. Here is the entire withdrawal process recapped.

  1. Go to the lotto account
  2. Open the payments page and click on 'Payouts' or ‘Withdrawals’
  3. Confirm if the available balance is eligible for lottery payouts
  4. Choose EntroPay as the withdrawal method
  5. Provide the card number and hit the cash-out button. The lottery site may have saved previous details of a virtual card. This may no longer be needed, so the player should give a new card number
  6. Enter how much to cash out
  7. Confirm and submit
  8. The lottery provider approves the request and transfers winnings to the provided EntroPay account

Withdrawal Timeframe and Fees

Each lottery site has its withdrawal limits. Players should check the minimum and maximum withdrawable amounts before requesting lottery payouts. After initiating a withdrawal, the lottery site takes a while to confirm it.

It may take 1 -3 days to receive the payout. There will be a charge of 1.95%, and the lottery provider will indicate this. Many times, lotto sites pass on the fee to the recipients and deduct it from the player's winnings.

There's an option to send cash to a preferred financial account. If the account owner wants to transfer the money to their personal credit or bank account, it may take another seven business days. This is done by logging in to the EntroPay website and using the transfer funds button.

The process is much easier if the cardholder has performed a bank or credit card transaction before. Charges for transferring money from EntroPay depend on the currency and the player's country of residence. Additional fees of $6/£3/€4.50 will apply on credit card transfers. Mobile users will be happy to know that withdrawal is possible on smartphones and tablets.

Safety and Security at EntroPay

When transacting with EntroPay, lotto players do not input their banking information into the lottery website. This helps minimize the risk of card fraudsters compromising sensitive data.

EntroPay has proven that its security standards and fraud protection are strong over time. They have employed 128-bit encryption on their online platform. The website also relies on TLS (SSL encryption) to protect consumer data, requests, and responses.

EntroPay is the best payment method for lottery players who do not like using standard Visa cards and bank transfers to buy tickets. It is also ideal for those who cannot obtain such cards due to low creditworthiness. Furthermore, Ixaris Systems Ltd. is licensed and certified by FSA which demands all payment providers across the United Kingdom adhere to strict security measures.

When making payments, players only give out temporary card numbers and CSC code which is only known to the cardholder. So, even if someone steals the card number details, it will be of no use to them since it's a one-time 16-digit code. Their virtual visa card numbers are generated through cryptography renowned for military-level security.

EntroPay Customer Support Options

One of the easiest ways to tell if a payment provider is reliable is by examining customer care service. EntroPay is committed to keeping clients happy with quality support. That is why many lotto players recommend it to their friends. There are two direct ways to communicate with EntroPay support agents. There's also an extra option for answering the most frequently asked questions.

Poor customer service has negative consequences on client retention. None wants to be kept waiting in line if their transaction fails. Therefore, financial providers should call back customers as soon as possible to avoid upsetting them. Unfortunately, some companies that boast a considerable market share completely disregard their reputation and give insufficient online customer support.

It is not uncommon for payment providers to ignore lottery transaction queries. Sometimes, players are put on hold with automated voice messages that waste their time. While EntroPay doesn't seem to have a telephone number for support, they provide prompt responses via email and live chat. The live chat works 24/7/365 while emails are replied to within 24 hours.

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