10e Lotto Jackpot: Play Online and Win Massive Prizes

The expanding gambling market in Italy has bred a generation of enthusiastic online lottery lovers who enjoy betting on many options, including 10e Lotto. One of this game's selling points is its flexibility, as gamblers have three easy ways to play it. Besides, its jackpot ranges between €1 million and €5 million, a hefty amount that appeals to many participants.

But it's noteworthy that for many 10e Lotto bettors, it's not about the life-changing cash prizes; they just thirst for the fun this online casino game promises. Also, most players desire to be a part of the vast 10e Lotto community comprising millions of lottery fans who interact online and offline to discuss the game. Sometimes, they even share the best strategies to bet on it and get a charge out of the endeavor.

10e Lotto Jackpot: Play Online and Win Massive Prizes
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Where to Buy Tickets for 10e Lotto?

As expected, any interested gambler must know how to buy a ticket for 10e Lotto to wager on it. Fortunately, it's easy! Players looking for tickets in paper format can get them from authorized betting shops. In contrast, those who want them in digital form must register with verified betting sites providing this lottery.

A printed 10e Lotto ticket resembles an online one, so both have the same features. They require players to specify the following:

  • The numbers they want to play
  • The type of draw they're participating in
  • The amount or value of their bet (ranges from €1.00 to €200.00)
  • The game options they'd like to add to their ticket for a multiplicity of prizes

History of 10e Lotto

10e Lotto was launched in June 2009 in Italy. Initially, its players needed to participate in the Lotto and pay an extra cost. However, many deemed this requirement highly inconvenient as it forced them to spend more.

Fortunately, 10e Lotto became independent eventually, and its players didn't have to bet on the Lotto. This increased its popularity and made way for it to evolve over the years.

As 2009 drew to a close, 10e Lotto drawings were set to happen every five minutes. More game modes were revamped later to deliver more exciting experiences for players and enhance the lottery's flexibility.

For instance, the 10e Lotto Gold Number and Double Gold options were introduced in 2014 and 2017, respectively. In 2020, the Extra option was launched to allow players to bag an impressive €2,000,000!

It's worth mentioning that Lottomatica provides 10e Lotto and sets the rules for players to follow to win the jackpot.

Is 10e Lotto Legal to Play?

Italian law permits gamblers to partake in various forms of gambling, including the lottery. Therefore, residents can bet on 10e Lotto whenever they want, but they must be at least 18. Notably, every online lottery ticket buyer must provide a valid photo ID to prove they've attained the lawful gambling age.

According to Italian law, those facilitating underage 10e Lotto betting in forms such as advertising could face imprisonment or heavy fines. Additionally, selling fake tickets is also illegal.

How to Play 10e Lotto

10e Lotto is set up on the drawing of 20 winning numbers, including Gold numbers that enable punters to increase their prizes up to 21 times. Those who've bet on this lottery can affirm that playing it is easy. Basically, players are required to check up to 10 numbers on their tickets (their selections must be within the one to 90 range) and select their stake amount, game options (Extra, Double Gold, Gold Number), and draws.

10e Lotto comes with three types of draws, which are as follows.


The immediate draw allows punters to instantly compare the numbers on their physical or online ticket to the 20 options set by the 10e Lotto's system. This method is exclusive to the players who opt for it.

Extraction Every Five Minutes

This type of draw means the winning numbers are extracted every five minutes daily. Tickets are sold from 00:00 to 23:59 CET.


This draw happens at the same time as the Lotto game (between 20:00 and 20:30 CET every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday).

Notably, those playing 10e Lotto online must have an active betting account with the websites of retailers that the Customs and Monopoly Agency has sanctioned. Alternatively, they can download the My Lotteries app to wager on the lottery.

What Are the Odds to Win 10e Lotto?

The odds of a player winning 10e Lotto are 1 in 0, and they are typically dependent on:

  • The numbers they choose
  • The winning numbers
  • If the Double Gold and Gold numbers are among their selections

Payout Options if a Player Wins 10e Lotto

As with most lotteries, 10e Lotto winners have sixty days to claim their cash. But how they do it depends on if they purchased their tickets online or from a betting shop and the prize they won.

For instance, prizes of up to €561.80 are claimed from authorized retailers. If a punter wins €2,300 or less, they should go to the same retailer who sold them their ticket to get their money. In this case, they must present the piece of paper to confirm that they won the 10e Lotto.

Players who win up to €10,500 don't necessarily have to visit a certified retailer; they can make arrangements for the money to be sent to them via their preferred payment method.

The process of claiming prizes of over €10,500 is a bit different as an official lottery representative must first verify the win. Punters can also visit a branch of the Banca Intesa Sanpaolo to validate and claim their money.

How Online Lottery Players Claim Their Prizes

If an online gambler wins a 10e Lotto prize of up to €10,500, their money is deposited into their betting account. And they can withdraw it however they want, depending on their gambling website's rules.

The steps for claiming 10e Lotto prizes worth over €10,500 differs, though. Winners have to stop by the nearest branch of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo or the Lottomatica main office to claim their cash. To do this successfully, they must carry the following:

  • Their tax codes
  • Valid identification cards
  • The unique ID code to specify the winning lottery (usually provided in the game's "Play Detail" segment)

Tips and Tricks to Play 10e Lotto

Some online lottery fans firmly believe that it's pointless to prepare to wager on 10e Lotto since it's a chance-based casino option. But it's a fallacy because there are various tried and tested tips one can utilize to boost the quality of their betting experiences.

First off, players should let go of the overwhelming desire to win the 10e Lotto because, the truth is, they might not secure the jackpot. Lasering in on the prize when playing this game leaves no room to enjoy it, making betting on it a waste of time.

In addition, gamblers playing 10e Lotto should do their homework. This enables them to answer important questions such as:

  • When are the winners announced?
  • Must they be in Italy to play the game?
  • Can one purchase multiple tickets?
  • Will the government impose any taxes on their 10e Lotto winnings?
  • Is there a difference between playing the game online and offline?
  • Are syndicates allowed to wager on the online lottery?
  • When is the best time to purchase tickets?

Consequently, bettors with such knowledge at their fingertips understand the dos and don'ts of participating in 10e Lotto, which is now among the best online lotteries in Italy. So they don't have to worry about making mistakes that could eventually 'disqualify' them.

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